CBD Relief Balm for Muscle & Joint Health

November 10, 2020

CBD Relief Balm for Muscle & Joint Health

CBD is growing in popularity in the sports industry. Current and retired athletes from around the world are endorsing the hemp compound for daily use. Besides helping reduce pre-game jitters, consumers find CBD relief for naturally occurring joint discomfort and muscle pain following a tough competition or vigorous workout.

Using Post-Workout CBD recovery Products

Many people at all fitness levels are adding hemp extracts to their daily wellness routine. With any exercise, there’s going to be some muscle pain. The soreness can make moving a little more difficult, slowing you down as your body recovers. It also prevents you from hitting the weights or other rigorous moves until you’re feeling better. Applying CBD relief balm may help reduce normal muscle pain and help you get back to the gym sooner. 

These products don’t replace a well-balanced and healthy recovery. Always allow your body time to rest, drink plenty of water, and get a full seven to nine hours of sleep nightly. Try rubbing the CBD balm into your sore areas before bed. Reducing discomfort can make sleeping more comfortable. It’s also essential to keep a nutritious diet.

CBD to Promote Natural Joint Function 

You work your body hard throughout the day and during every workout, practice, and competition. That wear on the body is normal and natural. But it doesn’t come without some muscle pain and joint discomfort. CBD extracts may help reduce soreness and promote healthy function. 

A former sprinter and NASM certified personal trainer explained to Men’s Health in 2019

“It basically manages and prevents my joint inflammation, that aching kind of feeling, that I’d get after a heavy lift day.”

CBD recovery lets athletes and other physically active consumers rejuvenate and get back to the field or gym quicker. 

Topical CBD relief Applications for Self-Care

Hemp extracts are available in tinctures, edibles, capsules, smokables, and creams. The balms, also known as topicals, are excellent self-care products. These items moisturize the skin and may help reduce the natural swelling associated with regular exercise and physical therapy. 

CBD topicals are easy to use. Massage them into the sore area. Relief is fast, and you can reapply as necessary throughout the day.

CBD is Safe for Competition

College and pro-athletes might be concerned about using CBD recovery products. However, the non-psychoactive compound is legal to use while competing in many professional and semi-professional sports organizations. 

Most athletic agencies follow the World Anti-Doping Agency’s guidelines. Also known as WADA, its responsible for monitoring substance use at international competitions, including the Olympics. In 2018, WADA approved the use of CBD

Hemp extracts are the ultimate, all-natural wellness product that’s safe to add to any daily routine. Pick up a CBD relief cream for muscle pain to keep in your gym bag to apply after the game or following a hot shower. Use CBD recovery balms and salves to prepare your body for another day of fierce physical activities. 

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